What Is ‘Void Document Oncontextmenu Null’ How To Re-Enable The Right Click (Updated 2020)
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What Is ‘Void Document Oncontextmenu Null’ ? How To Re-Enable The Right Click (Updated 2020)

Many of the websites disable the right-click option for their websites to remain safe from any copy or theft of the information. Have you ever experience this?  That you try to copy the data written on the page and when you click on it to copy then nothing happens. Now don’t be worry, I am describing here the method to enable the right-click option on the page so that you may be able to use the functions that the web did not allow you.

Behind disabling the right-click option there is a void document method. void document oncontextmenu=null is a piece of JavaScript you can use to work around it.

You have to make sense when using this method that only text or some quotes should be a copy or any of the leftovers from pages that are not involved in any illegal work. you should be careful of copyright theft issues. The method for Enable this option is described in the next topic.

What Is ‘Void Document Oncontextmenu Null’ How To Re-Enable The Right Click

How to Enable Right-Click on Websites?

First, you have to differentiate whether the administrator uses the JavaScript or HTML for disabling the right-click option. This depends upon the type of the website. There are different ways by which you can enable this option one of them is the void document oncontextmenu=null method


There are different procedures for it some of them are following.

  1. Void document oncontextmenu=null

Simply try the void document oncontextmenu=null in the search bar of the website from where you want to copy. after you have done pasting it you will be allowed to copy the text given on the website. You have to do this procedure every time when you want to copy the data or enabling the right click.

Some of the owners of the website use different methods of blocking right-click. In that case, it becomes difficult to go through this procedure .so some of the other procedures are also described for your convenience.

  1. Save the Page

This is another technique to enable the right-click option on the entire page. You should have to save the webpage as an HTML file on your computer. When you open the saved file on your computer you will be eligible to cut, copy paste option on that page.

Most of the browsers support this method like chrome, firefox, internet explorer, or Edge.

  1. Disable Javascript

This method of enabling the right click will break the complete web page. This is so called nuclear option. If you are using JavaScript, by disabling this it will stop interfering in your work. It is different for the different browsers

If using Firefox:

  1. Open a new tab and type ‘about config’.
  2. Search for JavaScript options.
  3. Double click ‘javascript.enabled to make it false instead of true

In the case of Chrome:

  1. Open the chrome setting by clicking on the setting button.
  2. Now select Advanced and Content Settings within Privacy and Security.
  3. Then select JavaScript and toggle it to off.


Install a Browser Plugin

It is a convenient way to add a plugin to your browser rather than you completely disable the javaScript. The browser like firefox  and google chrome have the plugins available to enable the right-click option on a wide range of void documents perfectly

My experience is using firefox and I found many plugins to enable the right-click. Some of them are fake as some bugs are present in them. you can also choose your plugins for the browser you are using at the time.

Open the Source file

A technical way to access to the void document is that you go to the source file of that web page. A user can access it by just opening the page and press the CLTR+U command. This command will open-source files of the page and then you have to find the content that you want to copy from the page by pressing CLTR+F. Find your content and copy it from here. But always show integrity and faith while copying that it will not be harmful to the owner of the content.

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