What is USO Core Worker Process.
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What is USO Core Worker Process? (usocoreworker.exe Full Explained 2020)

If you want to know about the USO Core Worker Process then you should not want to go anywhere else because you are already on the right place. If you the following questions in your mind then kindly read this article completely.

  1. What is the USO Core worker Process?
  2. What is exe?
  3. On task manager what is usocowerker.exe process and why it is running?
  4. Is it safe to have usocowerker.exe on the computer or it is harmful for Windows?

usocowerker.exe is the process that is running on your computer Task Manager, many users have experienced it. it is commonly noticed in the versions of the window 10 1903 or above. It can be seen many times running in the task manager.

Is it safe to have usocowerker.exe in the system?

Many users think that usocowerker.exe is a virus or malware that may harm there a system like the other viruses that damage the system. Many people treat it as a virus when they see in running in the task manager and try to protect from it using antivirus software.

I will advise you guys that don’t be panic at all and keep the usocowerker.exe to run in the task manager because it is not a virus or malware. It will not damage your system at all.

What is USO Core Worker Process?

So if the usocowerker.exe is not a virus then what is it? And why it is running in our system. I am going to answer this question here.

USO in the term uso core worker stands for Update Session Orchestrator. And its core role is in updating windows . one may say that the USO Core Worker Process is a legitimate MS process related to the Windows Updating”.

In the previous versions of the windows, wuauclt.exe / detectnow commands were used to schedule windows to update the scan using the command prompt. but these services are not available in windows 10 version 1903 or above because the windows update setting is moved to the new System setting apps. That is why the above-mentioned commands are no longer available for the updating of the windows. Try it if you want to have an experience in this updated setting.

Now the systems that are used for the updating windows are usocoreworker.exe, usoclient.exe, usocoreworker.exe, usoapi.dll, usocoreps.dll and usosvc.dllfor windows 10 1903 or above to scan for the updates and install them.

It is worthy to know that if you are searching for what is usoclient.exe, or usocoreworker.exe in Microsoft documents you can’t find any details According to Microsoft, this command is not created to call outside the internal operating system (internal OS) that’s why no one outside the operating system can run use client directly to it and cant be dangerous for your system.

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It is assumed that the readers understood the updating system of the windows that is USO coworker process. You can check usocoworker.exe running in the task manager as it is purely a background process and did not show directly on your desktop. It did not consume a large space to run it just contain minimum resources for its operation.

If any person have any query regarding the process can ask here in the comment section, we will appreciate your response to this article. Hopes that you completely understood the process.

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