What Is QtWebEngineProcess.exe and How to Fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe Issues (2020)
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What Is QtWebEngineProcess.exe and How to Fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe Issues (2020)

Many user are confused about the qtwebengineprocess.exe and is it safe or how to remove it from windows. It appears in most of the operating systems like Windows 7,8.1 and also in windows 10.

What is QtWebEngineProcess.exe

What is qtwebengineprocess.exe?

It is also known as origin or ring central in Windows. It is developed by Qt company and it is a browser engine that converts websites into the applications if they are required to run properly. And It is a Windows-based file but it is used in special programs. However, the .exe show that this program is an executable program and can cause any damage to the windows. This file can be found inC:\Program Files as a file of some applications such as Origin and Dropbox or as a necessary component for some applications to make them work normally.

Is Qtwebengineprocess.exe a virus?

This file is not a virus at all. it is a basic component of some files to run properly but once if it is infected or corrupted then it maybe turns into a kind deadly virus.

How to uninstall qtwebengineprocess.exe?

If you confirm that it is a virus then you should uninstall this immediately, because it can damage your system. But remember that, it can cause trouble for some files to not run properly as it is a basic component for them to run. So, the first step is to just stop it from working. It can be done by the following method.

  • Go to the task manager.
  • Click on processes.
  • Now click qtwebengineprocess.exe and click End task.

If this file was corrupted then the issue of viruses can be resolved but some applications of sum function in your PC will stop working as it is a basic component for all those. Then you are required to move for other solutions.


How to fix qtwebengineprocess.exe issues?

You should confirm properly that this file does not have any virus but if it has so then you have to remove it from your Windows because it would cause trouble to your PC. There are two different solutions to fixing these issues are provided here. The solutions are

  • Run DISM and SFC.
  • Use Windows defender.

Solution 1: Run SFC and DISM

You should use the system file checker to check the status ofqtwebengineprocess.exe.Deployment Image servicing DISM is also an amazing tool to resolve this issue. By using these tools you can easily fix the issue. Just what you have to do is.

  • Search command prompt and run it as administrator. It can be accessed from the Run Dialogue box, press WIN+R and then type cmd and enter.it will take you to the command prompt.
  • Enter SFC/scannow to run SFC.
  • System file checker will automatically resolve this issue but if it does not do so then DISM is also helpful.
  • In the command prompt, enter DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth and click enter, in case SFC does not work for fixing the issue

It is observed that many times SFC and at some other time DISM method worked for fixing the issues alternatively.

Solution 2: Use Windows Defender

sometimes it’s good to use windows defender because some programs that contain viruses so using this windows defender can help you solve this issue and can eliminate the virus from your files. In this method, your PC will go through the complete scan of the viruses from the system. Following  are the steps to proceed

  • Search for the Defender by entering it in the search box.
  • Under the windows security option, click on the Windows defender security center.so that it may be open.
  • Now click on virus and threat protection.
  • Now click full scan Button. The system will start scanning your computer, virus files.

Using the windows defender if you found any errors/viruses then for its safety you should try an antivirus software like Avast or Norton to fix the scanned ones completely.

How to Fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe Issues.


Update Device drivers for better PC performance

Somewhat, on the off chance that you need to improve the PC execution, it is plausible to ensure all the drivers are refreshed or good with the framework. Sometimes, maybe the clashing drivers cause mistakes like the QtWebEngineProcess.exe issue. On the off chance that you wish to download and refresh the graphics driver, network driver, mouse driver, and so forth effectively, and consequently, Driver Booster can be a fairly valuable instrument for every one of you. It will naturally discover, download, and introduce the most recent drivers. The procedure for updating the drivers is mentioned here.

  • First Download the Driver Booster if you did not have an installation copy on your computer.

  • Now after downloading the source file, run the file to install this on your computer.
  • When the driver booster is installed, open it. Click on the Scan button appearing on the system screen
  • It will scan for the drivers which are causing trouble for the system
  • A list of the drivers that need to be updated will be appear
  • Click on the Update Now on the search result to update them all.

What Is QtWebEngineProcess.exe and How to Fix QtWebEngineProcess.exe Issues

If you just press the update button then it will update all the drivers that appear in the list. If you want manual updating of the Drivers then choose one driver which is your top priority to deal with. Choose the specific one and click update.

As QtWebEngineProcess.exe is a useful file for some programs so don’t try any other method other than those which are described here in this article. Because eliminating the process can damage your system applications.

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