No Sound In Minecraft Here’s A Easy Fix
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No Sound In Minecraft? Here’s A Easy Fix (2020)

Minecraft is such an amazing game and the gamers who played it are also amazing. Because you are connected with a global community and you interact with them all. Users can simply play the game or mod just to enhance their gaming experience as they wish. But as nothing is perfect, Minecraft also has some flaws which particularly happen when you play this game. No sound in Minecraft is such an awful thing which many users have faced and you miss all the fun and information that sound cues contain. Having no sound in the game means that the game is too boring or sometimes it is worthless to play.

But the thing is that you should not worry about it all. We will help you in finding some solution which in turn helps you to again enable sound in it. Read this article to get a fix about this game. Read the article thoroughly and carefully so that you might get what you want and get rid of this error.

No Sound In Minecraft Here’s A Easy Fix

Minecraft Introduction 

If you are a new user to this game then you really have no idea about this game. This is not just a game, it is something far more than it. You might have heard about this game but when you play it, you will get to know it.

It is not like ordinary video games that have levels and some ordinary objectives to accomplish. Indeed, it is an open world sandbox where millions of players build various items to get their selves protected from the terrible monster that came out at night. You could use the whole world to harvest anything and build anything from that harvesting what it can offer. You can build anything including any kind of weapon. And You can build anything but you are limited to that thing as you are depending upon other items that you have. It might be a complicated weapon, underground cave, or anything else. So, it is up to you to make what you want.

Minecraft Animation

Therefore, you might have got the idea that sound is too necessary for such kind of game to get an idea of that monster whether it is closed by somewhere or far outside. Here, sound plays an important role. Without a sound, you are playing Minecraft on your guesses which can either be true or not. Now, we are moving towards the fix that would enable the sound and will eliminate the difficulties and other problems in the way of playing sound in it.

Troubleshooting Audio

In the first part, we will try to seek out things in windows 10. It includes all the window apps as well as Minecraft. We will try first to play audio in a media player. If it works then you might be facing issues in the game. If the sound doesn’t work in a media player then the problem is with the system. Here are some solutions that are specified to windows 10 only but here are some other solutions that are helpful if you are playing Minecraft on a Mac.

Minecraft Troubleshooting Audio


Solution 1. Check if audio is muted

Sometimes, you might have muted the audio accidentally and it is a common problem anyone can pass through it. So, first of all, you are required to check whether the audio is muted or not. If it is muted then just raise the volume from zero to higher and uncheck the muted button.

Solution 2. Check connection

If you hear any cracklings in sound and some noise through your headphones or speaker, it might be a reason of sound not working properly in your device and game. Just check all the cables are connected with the device properly because if it is not so then it might cause a problem in sound.

Solution 3. Check and unplug audio accessories

If there is an extra audio accessory plugged in your device, just remove it if it is not in use. The reason is that the audio might divert towards it as it has no use. Check that accessory if it is playing sound and if so then unplug it from your device and now check that the sound is working properly in your game and PC well or not.

Solution 4. Run troubleshooting wizards.

On the taskbar on display screen, right-click on the sound option or hold it for seconds. It will open you the settings and here click on troubleshoot sound problems. Now follow the instructions carefully and use it as it has grown quite well in windows.

Solution 5. Check for updates

Sometimes the system requires updates and sound updates are also associated with it. So check for the updates and if there are any updates available then you must update the system first and it will automatically sound problem because outdated versions cause some functions not to perform well.

Solution 6. Check for issues and updates from the manufacturer

Your windows 10 device relies on the audio hardware which is further dependent on software called drivers. Drivers are used to be updated frequently and multiple times. So, if the hardware is new then it is a good idea to check for the updates. To check these updates, click on the window button first and then click on the search button and enter “dxdiag.exe” and then select “dxdiag run command” in the list of results or just simply press enter button.

Now, in the sound tab, find the provider of the audio device and then note the name, model, and version of it and then go and type it online and check whether the updates are available or not.

All the above solutions were about the sound issues in your system and not about the game. So if you are facing issue sound in your system then you will automatically in the Minecraft. If you are ok with your device then the problem must be in the game and now we are going to resolve this issue.

No Sound in Minecraft? Here’s a Quick Fix

Fix No Sound in Minecraft

Here are some solutions if you are not able to enable you to play sound in Minecraft. Follow the simple solutions according to your need and get rid of these sound issues in Minecraft.

Solution 1. Check if Minecraft is muted by accident

Like windows, Minecraft has its own mute button. To enable it, right-click on the audio button or volume button in the left corner of the taskbar and open sound mix and check here that the sound level is low. If so, then just drag it to high. Click options>settings>music and sound> or audio and check that the sound is at 100 or not. Now click done and reopen Minecraft.

Solution 2. Update audio driver

Here is another solution and it is to update audio drivers. There are two methods of doing so.

  1. Manual

Go to the manufacturer website of your sound card, find the latest version of the driver, and install it in your computer. Please refer to solution six in the above section for the exact steps.

  1. Automatic

If you do neither have the time nor the skills to update your driver manually, you can use the automatic method instead. Go to the Driver Easy website, download and install the program. Run the program and choose “Scan Now.” Then, if the program detects a problem with your audio driver, select “Update,” and let Driver Easy do the rest.

Solution 3. Try the F3+S or F3+T keys combination

Press F3 and S at the same time to forcefully reload the game. If that fails, try F3 and T. Reportedly, many players who had no sound in Minecraft told that this solution has worked for them.

Solution 4. Change the “MipMap levels”

If your version of Minecraft is the JAVA Edition, try changing the “Mipmap Levels” option in the video settings. To do that, first, open options within Minecraft and go to video settings. Once in video settings, move the slider to change mipmap levels. Afterward, select “Done” to save changes. Finally, relaunch Minecraft.

Solution 5. Reinstall Minecraft

Reinstalling is sometimes a better option to deal with a non-functioning app. Another solution you can try is to reinstall Minecraft. Find Minecraft on your computer and uninstall it; this will be under settings > apps. Scroll until you find Minecraft and uninstall it. Then, go back to the Microsoft store (or wherever you downloaded the game from) and reinstall the game.

Solution 6. Modify the sound settings.

Right-click the volume icon, select “Sounds,” then select “Playback.” Next, select your default playback device and then click “Configure.” For the audio channels, choose stereo. After selecting the stereo, check the box next to “Front Left and Right.” Now, select “Finish.”



Playing Minecraft without sound is a terrible thing to do in gaming. It is more awkward if you are playing it daily. So you have to solve this issue to get rid of such a problem and enjoy your gaming with full potential. There are some solutions that are helpful for you in resolving this issue. Some of the solutions are simple and others are somehow tricky but you are given both. Now, you can pick it up according to your problem and enjoy your game Minecraft.

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