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How To Jailbreak Xbox 360 Easily – Step By Step Guide (2021)

About Jailbreaking Xbox 360:

As we assume from the term jailbreaking that it removes restrictions imposed on something. Jailbreaking in Xbox 360 is also the same kind of phenomenon. By jailbreaking an Xbox gaming console, you can avail full administrator and developer rights. You don’t need to get a registration of Microsoft because it saves you from the license.

If you have Xbox 360 gaming console and looking to get some extra benefits and access to those features that you can’t avail of being in Microsoft’s legal community, if your reply is yes, then you are looking on track. We will make you familiar with how to do jailbreak in Xbox 360. Just stay with us and keep on reading.

To install jailbreak Xbox 360 is not the hard job you can do by taking help from phat/fat and slim consoles. It includes all other compatible gaming consoles.

For the installation of jailbreak Xbox 360, you need to update the firmware and then install the software as a third party.

How to Jailbreak Xbox 360?

You will have to go through three processes for jailbreaking in your gaming console and access to unauthorized features.

  1. Get your console Xbox 360
  2. Find the Age of your Xbox
  3. Then, Download jailbreak software.

1. Get your console Xbox 360:

First of all, we need items to proceed with this task as already we had mentioned three things. After this, we will be able to jailbreak Xbox 360. We don’t need an internet connection, any external hard disk and open up of motherboard something else.

You need to find a USB with a minimum of 512 MB, do not listen to myths revolving around you about 8GB and 16 GB pen drives.

Now, find a clean and soft swab because on the backside of your console, there are marking and ports you will have to read correctly to plug USB.

2. Find the Age of your Xbox:

How To Jailbreak Xbox 360 Easily - Step By Step Guide (2021)

At this stage, it’s mandatory for out to find out the exact issuance date of Xbox 360, and you can do it easily by reading backside content on your gaming console. We hope you will not have been removed this tag. Otherwise, you may suffer from the problem.

  • On the backside of the gaming console, find out barcode like a sticker located near AV ports.
  • At there, you will get three kinds of information on the manufacturing MFR date, serial number, and the product ID.
  • For this purpose, you can get help from the Microsoft official manual.

3. Download Jailbreak Software:

How to Jailbreak Xbox 360

You will have to go for the main course, which is downloading jailbreak Xbox 360 software. This software is not official, but many users have tested and verified it, and by grabbing their feedback, we get to know it has no adverse outcomes.

  • Go on the search bar of your browser and search for jailbreak Xbox 360 download. It will give many options in the next pop up. You can choose the first site.
  • Then, follow the tracks as it requires, and it will get downloaded.
  • Now install it in your system and enjoy multiple features.

Final Words:

Most gamers have much interest in jailbreaking because they want to unauthorize programs and enhance their gaming features. All the models of Xbox 360 are compatible with jailbreaking. Many users tested and verified it positively. To know the age of your gaming console, you can take help from Microsoft’s official manual.

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