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What is IDP Generic Malware? And How to Fix Malware Warning? (2020)

While enjoying your favorite game on your weekend and suddenly you are shown up with a popup and all the fun interrupted. Whenever it shows up you a message from your antivirus program says that “IDP generic threat detected”.

What this popup message really is? Is it any kind of virus or warning? Here, in this article, we will help you to solve your issue and it would be useful for you.

What does IDP mean?

IDP is the identity detection protection mechanism of an antivirus program that prevents your PC from being used by the Trojans and viruses from stealing personal data associated with your ID, like your banking details, important documents, and your ID cards, etc.

This warning usually showed up in the windows system when the antivirus program fails to detect any type of file and virus and thus the pop up is created to warn you. The most anti-malware to raise this type of warning is Avast and AVG antiviruses. So you should not be worried about it as most of it is just false positive. But this should be the reason to ignore it. The reason behind it is that most of the Trojans are IDP files as they try to data disclosure related to your ID.

What is IDP Generic Threat/Malware?

Many of the windows users use antivirus software, where IDP generic is a common and usual threat. Mainly, IDP Is identity protection so whenever the IDP showed up it clearly means that identity protection has detected some of the threats. This detection is being done by identity theft protection is often called a false positive.

What is IDP Generic.

The antivirus program in your system detects the viruses and the threats named is identity shown as idp.generic virus. Whenever an anti-malware program detects any IDP threats it instantly detects and notifies you to keep care from the infectious virus to avoid it from spreading into your PC. The IDP issues mostly occur because of the outdated and older programs in your PC.

However, there are many possible viruses that the antivirus program can recognize as the IDP generic threat. If your installed antivirus detects your IDP as a threat then the associated game would not be started again. The same thing would happen to all other programs that contain files recognized as IDP generic threats.

As we have already described, this kind of threat is usually recognized as a false positive. The installed antivirus program is detected in the particular file with the virus and thus removes that file from your PC to execute the problem. But this is not the permanent solution because the removal of infected files might lead towards you to the data losses as you delete many important files from your PC.

Now if we are going to look at the other face, not all the detected threats are false positives. In many cases, cybercriminals disguise malicious files as legitimate to take anti-advantages. They make their names very similar to legitimate files, which are then not detected as threats or malicious files by your system’s anti-malware. In this particular case, we always advise that you should double-check and better run a virus scan using another program.

You must be sure that the antivirus program that you have installed on your PC is the updated version. If it is not so, then you should update it first and then scan the suspicious file again. If you get the same results about that file then immediately remove that file form your system. Cybercriminals use their names like GWX.exe or Csrss.exe and fuerboos as well to legitimate the file and make it malfunctioned. Many of the experts says that you should not remove these files if you are not confirmed about it and if you get yourself confirmed then immediately remove them all.

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How do I Know if IDP Generic Threat is a False Positive?

As sometimes the antiviruses are updated to the latest versions thus they give you a false positive and detects the right files as the infected. So, in this case, you should keep your antivirus keep updated all the time to not face any issue. If you have done all these steps and not getting the result, then you should check that if it is a Trojan or not and moves towards a better antivirus.

Why you should not ignore IDP generic threat?

You should not neglect the warnings that you have received from the antivirus especially in the case with the IDP generic. It crashes many other important files of your system and if it is left undeleted then it may cause some serious problems to your PC. So, whenever you find an IDP generic pop up message then you should not neglect it and keep care of it to resolve the issue.

How do I know that I have an IDP generic Trojan?

Many of the Trojans are unable to be detected by the common antivirus program but many antivirus companies have made efforts and they are quite successful to take the Trojans away from your PC. Whenever you are facing any issue and the message of idp.generic virus is detected then you must try to know whether the file is a false positive or Trojan. To detect the Trojans, the very simplest method is to keep your antivirus updated to the latest version. Many antiviruses are kept updated to fight with these Trojans that came into your cyberspace. You can also check them online by clicking one of the following links.


How IDP Generic Could Insinuate Your System?

A Trojan keeps working into your PC without being known to the user and transfers all the sensitive data to the developer. IDP says that the software has detected many malware activities into your PC because the IDP files are capable of leaking out your identity and other sensitive data losses without let you know.

Trojans are malware or infections that are already installed or proliferates other malware purposely causing the chain infections. Pirated tools can also cause downloading malware files into your PC instead of the updates and other fixes or by exploiting other outdated bugs and flaws. Software ‘cracking’ tools also operate in a similar fashion. Software activation would be bypassed. Untrustworthy software or suspicious download tools such as Peer-to-Peer networks (torrent clients, e Mule, and other such tools), third party downloading sites, unofficial pages, free file hosting, freeware download websites, etc., are often used to present malicious executables as legitimate files.

In short, clicking or opening of such system files may cause downloading malicious programs and these tricks are often used by the scammers.

What are the common ways to get this virus?

Most viruses find their way into the system through downloads from unrecognized or unofficial/ suspicious sources. The pop-up advertisement showed up and you clicked while surfing the web or that fancy email attachment you downloaded from an unknown source could land you to a page that harvests this type of Trojans.

How to avoid getting IDP.generic False-positive again?

Always keep your antivirus updated and keep following the precautions we mentioned in the question we answered above.

 How to avoid getting IDP.generic Trojan again?

First things first, keep your antivirus updated to the latest versions. Like we saw the causes of the idp.generic virus or malware, we’ll avoid clicking pop-ups on unknown websites and deleting unknown mails. We should always find and download software from official sources. It’s wise to surf well-known websites for our purpose. If you find yourself with an idp.generic virus even after the initial inspection, we request you to follow the steps for idp.generic malware removal given below to get rid of the virus completely.

How to Fix idp.generic Malware?

There are different solutions for idp.generic alert. You can try the below solutions to fix the issue.

Update AVG Avast (Any other Antivirus present in your system)

If you don’t update the antivirus that will surely cause idp.generic avast issue. To avoid this situation the option you can try is updating your Avast antivirus software or another antivirus which you are using in your system. It always helps to fix the issue as if it is the reason for the idp.generic issue.

Update AVG Avast

When you update the antivirus program, you will see an option to update the antivirus software.

You can also open the browser and find out the latest version of the antivirus and follow the instructions that are given to you to complete the update on your PC.

False Positive

If you face any false positive situation then the following procedure would help you to fix this issue. You have to remove the file out from the condition so that the antivirus will not detect that file again. Here are some simple steps that will help you to race out from the situation:

Update AVG Avast IDP Generic

  • Open the antivirus software into your PC.
  • Go to the protection section and then click on the virus chest option.
  • On the next screen, right-click on the file. From the drop-down options, select the restore & add an exclusion option.

Note: the above steps are most useful when you use avast antivirus and they can also be helpful to resolve this issue in some other software.

Safe Mode

  • First of all, start your PC in safe mode.
  • Click the start button>click on restart>click ok.
  • During the complete computer restart process, press the F8 button multiple times until you see windows advanced option. Then click on the safe mode with networking from the list. For a detailed procedure, click on this link below to start your PC in safe mode.

Update Java

Outdated java in your system might also cause the problem known as IDP generic to occur. The older version of Java always has infected files. You are required to remove and then reinstall Java in your system to get rid of this problem.

The following steps will help you in doing so:

  • Go to the start button.
  • Click on the control panel or settings (the option varies depending on the operating system you are using in your system).
  • Go to the program section and select the uninstall a program option.
  • Go to the JRE and click on the uninstall button.
  • Now, close all the windows and open the browser.
  • You should download the latest version of Java into your system, the version JRE (java runtime environment), and save it on the desktop.
  • Open the downloaded file and click on the accept agreement button and then continue and follow the instructions that are provided you by the program to install it.
  • After completion of the installation, you need to reboot the system to make it more efficient running on your PC.

We hope that the issue might resolve by following the info detailed above.

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Change antivirus

If you are facing all the issues after trying all the solutions and fixes then the final thing you must have to do is to change your antivirus. Lookup for the better quality antivirus and then install it. This might surely resolve your issue. Norton, Bit finder, total AV are some better options except AVAST.


This article has clearly defined IDP generic and some of its fixes to get rid of the malfunctioned files in your PC. IDP can also occur due to the following reasons and it has some fixes as well. These are all the possible solutions that you might try to fix it.

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