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How To Use GameCube Controller On Steam? (Step By Step Guide)

If you are a gamer, you must become familiar with the GameCube controller on Steam for a better gaming experience. Do you know you can use GameCube Nintendo for any PC game that supports Xbox 360 controller? Gaming controller comes with the new technology like Bluetooth wireless connectivity and sensing technology. It has enough memory, and you can play more games on GameCube Nintendo than other controllers.  GCN is very durable and easy to control.

How to use GameCube controller on Steam

You must have a GameCube adapter before applying the below steps, assuming that you already have this. You have to go through four processes to use the GameCube controller on Steam.

  1. Install Wii U USB GCN Adapter / vJoy Device Driver
  2. Install x360ce
  3. Enable GameCube Driver / Configure x360ce
  4. Enable GameCube Driver / Configure x360ce

Step-1 Install Wii U USB GCN Adapter / v joy Device Driver:

First of all, you have to install the latest version of the vii USB GCN adapter. When you have downloaded, you will get a standard installation prompt. Follow the below steps to keep continue.

Use Gamecube Controller on Steam

  • Choose your location where you want to install.Use Gamecube Controller on Steam
  • In the next prompt, it will require the program’s shortcut preference.Use Gamecube Controller on Steam
  • If you want to create a desktop icon, you can access this application later.Use Gamecube Controller on Steam
  • When these necessary steps have been done, go to phase.
  • In the next pop up it will ask for installation. Click to install.Use Gamecube Controller on Steam

When it goes through the process of installation, the window pop up will appear.

Note: Please follow this instruction carefully – Ensure you have “WUP-028” selected in the dropdown box (as per the green box below, NOT something else like the red box highlight).

Use Gamecube Controller on Steam

  • Once WUP-028 is selected, click the “Replace Driver” button (sometimes “Reinstall Driver”).Use Gamecube Controller on Steam
  • Then installed successfully window prompt will appearhow to use a gamecube controller on steam
  • After the installation and clicking on the close option, device driver v joy will appear. Click on to use gamecube controller on steam
  • Now it will ask for components which you want to install, tick all of those components and click on to use gamecube controller on steam
  • Then in the next prompt, click on install.Install
  • You may face security windows prompt click on install.Windows Security prompt
  • After all of these steps, your driver will be installed.successful install prompt
  • If an error message prompt appears on your screen, please disregard this option. It will not affect functionally.error message
  • Once your first step is completed, it will require your PC recognize your GameCube controller or its inputs. It will also be your need to use the GameCube controller on Dolphin and many other emulators.


  1. Install the latest Microsoft framework.NET for the best experience.
  2. Restart your PC to run it smoothly before going to start.

Step-2 Install x360ce:

Our main motive is recognizing the adapter/ controller as an xbox360 gamepad via x360ce GameCube configure. It will let Steam to pick them up for its massive library of 360-compatible games.

  • Go and visit the x360ce website. You will see a blue box window.x360ce website
  • You have to download in both versions, 32bit and 64 bit. It depends upon the nature of the game.
  • When it is downloaded, you should unzip the setup in both versions as it was downloaded 32bit and 64 bits.x360ce
  • After this, go for installation, and you need to install both of them separately, but for your demonstration, we will install the 64-bit version.
  • When you open the 64bit file, a warning message will appear.x64 file
  • You need to click on create, and it will generate the necessary file to close.
  • Then, the below window will be generated.
  • A new window will appear with “New Driver detected:
  • This means the program is picking up the v joy device’s GameCube adapter controller and recognizing the configuration.
  • You need to ticks (“search the internet”) then click the internet
  • It will search on the Internet, necessary x360ce GameCube controller driver.
  • When the search is completed, the window prompt will appear. Click on finish.

Note: In the end, you may receive window “Another Device Detect”, you don’t need to worry. It will happen four times for every port of your drive, and you need to “next” and then “finish”.

Another Device Detect

  • Once these are done, a window with four controller box will appear.
  • This window will appear with four green boxes, which means it’s picking up your adapters. If they are missing, you need to restart it.x360ce adapter

Step-3 Enable GameCube Driver / configure x360ce:

  • You need to x360ce open and then open the Wii GCN adapter.
  • If you have a short key icon on your desktop, click on it; otherwise, open the window key and type GCN, and click to open.GCN
  • Once you open it, a black screen with start and setup will appear.
  • Click on the “Start” option.Adapter
  • In the next window, the driver will be detectedUSB Adapter
  • Now, you have to return on X360ce.
  • When you plugged your controller into part 1, on the “controller 1” tab, On your screen, you will notice the Xbox 360 controller buttons respond when you press down on the analog stick and GameCube pad.Use Gamecube Controller on Steam
  • Nearly perfect, the last thing we need to do is change the analog stick’s sensitivity from the settings.
  • From 1 to 4ports, the controllers go to the “left thumb” tab and change the Anti-Dead Zone settings to 80% and the Dead Zone settings to 30% (as per the green boxes).
  • Indeed, your analog stick behaves in the same way as the Wii Nintendo switch.Use Gamecube Controller on Steam
  • When you have done the first three steps, repeat the same steps for the 32bit version.

Step-4 Add necessary Files to Steam game folder:

  • You are very close. To play steam games on the GameCube controller, you have to place x360ce files into the game folder.
  • Once you are done first, three steps go on x360ce folder either 32 or 64 bit you will see these three files given below, you will see three files.Use Gamecube Controller on Steam
  • Now we are going to copy these files into the game’s root steam folder.
  • This is most commonly “Local Disc (C:) – > Program Files (x86) – > Steam -> Steamapps – > Common – >*Game Name*“.
  • If it is not the same, you don’t need to worry. Just look around in files/search.
  • Like I am using super meat boy.gamecube controller pc
  • It is a 32-bit version game, so you will have to copy three32-bit files into the Super Meat Boy folder.
  • This is the thing that allows the game to recognize Xbox 360 controller.
  • When you have done this, open the game via Steam, and you will see your GCN controller working with the PC games.


In Case of Not Working:

If the above steps are not working, then go to the next given below,

  1. Try again step 1to make sure you complete the optional/recommended sections, or try again from the second step and go on.
  2. For non-Steam games, Check out our alternative options.
  3. If it’s not working, try to change your adapter in another port and try in multiple ports may be your adapter has some fault. Try a replacement version officially or unofficially.

How to use a GameCube controller on non-Steam games:

Two options are available for you if you want to play on a PC other than Steam.

Check out our alternative option below:

If you want to play on the PC 360 controller still supports, you need to place three 32-bit or 64-bit files into the game folder.

The one thing will change in this case root game folder from Steam – > steamapps – > common” layout. You can search it in the program file and find it.

For all other Games:

To play a game without an x360 controller best option is controller mapping software.

It will map GameCube buttons on the mouse and keyboard.

XPadder is the best recommendation, but if you want a free version then AntiMicro is best.

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