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How to fix C: windowssystem32configsystemprofiledesktop Is Unavailable on Windows 10

After the updated version 1803 of Windows 10 is installed on the systems, an error occurred in the system that it can’t find the directory located in C, directory named windowssystem32configsystemprofiledesktop. Due to this error users are ineligible of accessing the desktop files or any of the other functions. This error can occur at any time while updating windows from the previous version or you are installing a brand new window on your system. So, how we can fix it, the procedure for fixing this problem is described here.

Procedure to fix the problem

  1. Open the run window on your computer by pressing the windows & R button Simultaneously, command win+R.
  2. When the Run dialogue box is open on your screen type exe.
  3. Now a command window will appear, Press CLTR+SHIFT+ENTER to access the administrative rights.
  4. Now enter control userpasswords2 and press enter, by entering this User Accounts windows will be open.
  5. You should now have to create a new user giving the administrative rights by clicking the Add button on the User Accounts window.
  6. After the new user account is created, Restart your computer, and log in with the newly created account.
  7. You can now access your computer desktop easily, now Re-install the application so that this problem will resolve completely.

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Other methods to fix the problem

  • If the procedure describes above does not work in your case then there are also two more options to handle this situation. But by using these methods there is a chance that you may lose your data. One of the methods is installing a new window on your computer. For this purpose, you should have a DVD for window installation or you can also get windows from your system.
  • To get windows from your system  you should have a USB drive. By using a media creation tool from your computer you can make a copy of your windows. Make a copy and install the windows again using the upgrade option. Hope that your problem is fix.
  • But if the problem still exists after the installation of the windows, try the procedure described earlier in this article again. If the problem is not fixed by this method then completely install the window

Summary of this method

  1. Install the windows using an upgrade option.
  2. Repeat method 1.
  3. If the problem is not fixed, then completely install the windows 10 on your PC

There are also some other errors having the same name which shows “Location is not available

The above-mentioned procedure is just for the error where the location is not available in c, windowssystem32configsystemprofiledesktop. The other error with this name doesn’t have any impact on the April update and they have their own solutions, but the new installation can deal with all type of the problems

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