How to Enable Screen Share in Discord
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How to Enable Screen Share in Discord (Updated Method 2020)

Do you also want to know about this amazing feature of discord? We all are well familiar with the fact that the discord is one of the best voice chat software which supports the sharing of all forms of multimedia like text, image, audio, and video.

It proves a jewel for gamers as it works on both mobile phones and PC. It has a better call quality and occupies less space on your computer. It is one of the popular communication platforms among gamers that makes the gaming experience more amazing and helps in connecting many people.

In this post, we are talking about the Discord screen share feature which lets users on your Discord chat server (maximum 10) to interact with your screen.

Before start, I would like you to introduce the benefits of the discord application.

How to Enable Screen Share in Discord

Why Discord Screen Share?

  1. Better voice Quality.
  2. You are given both options of either sharing a full screen or only the game window/ application.
  3. You can personalize screen video/stream (480-720-1080) pixels.
  4. Personalized frame rates (FPS 15, 30, or 60).
  5. It also shares sound while screen sharing.

How to share screen on discord?

It allows you to share your video with 9 teammates. This is an amazing and interesting option for gamers.

If you want to enable screen share on discord, just follow the simple steps.

Video/Camera settings.

Before sharing screen and voice on discord, you have to enable audio and video hardware on discord clients.

  1. GO to the setting option at the lower left part of the screen and move to the setting page by clicking it.
  2. In your user setting page, You’ll find the voice and video tab at the left menu of the page. Just click on the option. You can now easily adjust your voice and video voice settings here.
  3. Go to the video setting option and select your video camera from the available dropdown.
  4. Go to the right side and you will get the option of the test video if you want to make sure that your camera is working properly.
  5. For online web users, you have to allow the camera in your browser so that after the access it would work properly.

Adding Friends

To make a video call or you want to share a discord screen with anyone else on the chat server, you should befriend that person first.

Follow the simple steps to make a video call and share your screen with your friends.

  1. Go to the homepage after clicking on the discord icon at the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Now click on the friend’s option and will open your friend list before you.
  • From here, you can either click on the name of the friend or just hover over the username and it will show you the option of the video call.

Hurrah! You have successfully enabled your video call and now you can easily use all the other amazing features on it.

Discord Screen Share features

It has many amazing features and they are listed below. Just go throw them.

  1. Expand Down

This is an amazing feature and it allows you to expand the video screen. You can take your video to the maximum screen you want.

  1. Video/Screen Share swap

These two icons at the bottom of the screen will allow you to swap from a video call to enabling screen share. You can easily change your main view from video calling to the screen sharing any time by just clicking this option. When you select a screen share, either you can choose from the desktop screen or specifically application window depending upon your choice.

  1. Leave call button

As this word says leave the call, by clicking on it you can leave the ongoing call. So, be sure and don’t press this button accidentally. By clicking it, you would end upon with the call.

  1. Toggle mute and user settings

It will mute or unmute your microphone whenever you click on this button. It will not allow the outgoing voice chat on the chat server. Next is the user settings, it is similar to the icon that appears on the Discord homepage window.

  1. Toggle fullscreen

Clicking on this button will expand the video call to the full screen neglecting the view you were using first. To exit full screen, either you can click on the view selector or collapse icon or press the ESC key.

  1. Video Marquee

When you are in a group call, by clicking on the specific friend’s avatar, the screen would show in focus and will leave the marquee on the right. To switch to some other friend, click on that avatar and it will leave all the others in the marquee focusing on the specific friend.

  1. Share Sound

This is one of the amazing features and enables your sound to share when the screen is on the screen share mode. To allow this, you have to toggle the sound button in the application window. This will enable your sound.


Discord is absolutely one of the amazing and fabulous applications for a chat and as well as video chat. This is specially designed for gamers. With its popularity of video and audio chat, it also shares the screen with voice also. You can either use it on your smartphone or on the PC. You can also use it on the browser.

We have told you about the above information and hope this would be helpful for you and easily share your screen without having any problem. If you face any issue, you just need to go through the article, and you will find your solution here indeed.

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