Curse of Vanishing I How to find, Use and remove spell Minecraft (2020 Updated)
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Curse of Vanishing I How to find, Use and remove spell Minecraft (2020 Updated)

Minecraft has selected to update on one of their wicked spells instead of several positions, blocks, mobs, and many other items like that.

The curse of vanishing is indeed the wicked treasure enchantment that has been discussed in this article. This is not a blunder, you have heard right about that we are discussing the Curse of vanishing here.

Curse of Vanishing I How to find, Use and remove spell Minecraft (2020 Updated)

If you like witchcrafts and wizardries then you should also check this spell in the Minecraft if you are vicious and interested in it.

This is not the only spell, besides it, the Minecraft has added one more treasury enchantment that is more contradictory that reduces the paranoia, also known as the Curse of Binding.

But there is nothing to be worried about. Here is a complete guide that will flow the whole idea around.

So let’s start

  • What the spell Minecraft have?
  • How to get the vanishing enchantment book easily
  • How to use vanishing spell on any of the items
  • How to remove the enchantment permanently from any of the cursed items.
  • In the end, some important aspects about the vanishing enchantment.

What is the Curse of Vanishing in the Minecraft?

The vanishing curse is one of the treasure enchantments that is used to curse any item in the game. If a player dies while using this cursed spell on any of the valuable items, that specific item would be vanished instead of dropping on the ground.

The spell in the Minecraft is usable on any of the items. But there is a fact that the enchantment can be used on any weapon, shield, or elytra as same as it does for others.

In short,

It is really a bad enchantment.

In the beginning of this article, we have described that the vanishing spell is a treasure enchantment spell in the Minecraft.

Either you can collect the enchantment using the treasures that are buried, also can loot the chests, or even fishing or trading with the villagers as well.

There is a common concept that a vanishing spell is something that is used in order to hide.

But this is not as you think. This is not a thing to be ashamed of as many of the players thinks the same thing when using it for the first time.

However, it is a vanishing spell but is only useful and usable on the weapons, other items, and armors as well.

On normal stances, whenever you die in the Minecraft world accidentally or intentionally, all the items in your hold fell down on the ground. All the inventory that you posses fell down after the death in any Minecraft game.

If you are playing in a multiplayer mode, then the others have the advantage that they collect all your holdings right after your death.

So, this should not be continued:

The curse is beneficial for you if you have used it and after your death, in the game, the other players would not be able to collect the holdings. The items would be disappeared right after your death and your enemies would not be given the chance to collect your items.

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What does vanishing Curse do in the Minecraft?

Curse used on any items, armor, fishing rods, ax, etc. will vanish completely whenever the player holding items dies. This enchantment also works for the items in the inventory as well. Once the items that have cast the vanish on the items in the spell. It vanishes all the items and they are non-returnable or found once they are lost after death.

The main and only reason for such a thing is that the Minecraft has added this feature to challenge your self for being competitive and not dying in the game.

In short,

You can add the curse spell by using any enhancing table, anvil, or game command.

You should die once to check whether the enchantment is working well or not.

Here is an example for you that satisfy the conditions of your case.

If you use vanishing enchantment on your armor, after the death the armor you were using would be disappeared quickly.

We would like to tell you that the spell is provided to the specific items and they would be for more later.

You might have heard of the word in some Hollywood movies as well that the witches use a spellbook.

But you are not a witch in the Minecraft, but you can have the spellbook in your game.

You should remember one thing is that:

The maximum level of the use of a vanishing spell in the Minecraft is level 1. You can use the spell on any one item. You can’t use it on multiple levels or items.

This is supposed to be one big drawback of the enchantment.

There is something else that you should know about the spell.

The items that have been cursed doesn’t need to be held by the player. Even if the game rule inventory is set to be true then the items will vanish instead of dropping on the ground as the player dies in the game.

What are the differences between the curse of binding and the vanishing of the spell in Minecraft?

The main difference between the curse of binding and the vanishing is that curse for binding is a rare spell that is used on the armor and it can only prevent the player to remove it. However, the armor that has been in the use can be damaged or removed once the player has died. On the other side, the enchantment is used in the cursed spell is usable and will cause vanish the item right after the death of the player in the game.

The purpose of both the treasuries are different and are limited but are very useful in many ways. Although many people don’t like them much these are some unique gifts that have been placed by the Minecraft.

The curse of binding is helpful because the player is stacked with the armors enchanted with him or her.

Here is a tip that is useful for many of the players.

You have to use the curse spell in a pumpkin and told other players to do the same and wear it later. It looks like the player is already dead with an annoying appearing suit and it is fun also in the serious moments of the game.

This is very important that you must think wisely before using anything to wear in a multiplayer mode.

There are also some more tricks so get attached to this article and read it completely.

Both the spells can be used in the obtaining of the trading, fishing, looting from chests, and also looting others and digging up the buried the treasures.

Here are some secrets for using the vanishing enchantment, read them below:

  1. You should use the vanishing curse on expensive items of the other players and kill them for punishing them so that they cannot use such expensive items and face a great loss. The items would vanish and they have to buy it again.
  2. If you have a super-powerful sword, but keep one thing in mind that you are risking your life on this adventure. You can after use that sword to secure these items from approaching others.
  3. The coolest secret is that the vanishing book itself vanishes when you die in a game. It remains there and you lost it as well.

There are some other secrets about the binding enchantment. So, here are some secrets that are listed below:

  1. You should use it to differentiate between the colors of the teams as the armors cannot be removed. Also, the chance of cheating would be reduced as everyone knows the team players of their own team.
  2. You should use it on the frost walkers to prevent players from diving underwater.
  3. You should use the enchantment on the slow boots for mechanical trolling just for the fun.

Minecraft Curses enchantment Table

Minecraft enchantment ID Name spaced Purpose of enchantment Items that can be enchanted Number of the maximum levels Enchantment weight Minecraft ID Minecraft version
Curse of vanishing Vanishing Items will vanish completely after the player dies Tools, weapons, armors 1 1 71 Available on Minecraft v. 1.11 and above as available on the Minecraft pocket edition, windows ID edition, education edition.
Curse of binding Binding curse Prevents the player from removing the item Only armors 27 Available on the Minecraft v. 1.11 and above as available on the Minecraft pocket edition, windows edition, education edition.


How to find the vanishing enchantment Book

If you find any enchantment book then you are lucky enough as it is luck for you if you find that book.

However, the easiest method to find a vanishing book is to trade it with any village librarian. You are required to set up some bookcases and lectures if you want to trade these enchantment books with the village librarian.

However, in the Minecraft Bedrock edition, you are not able to get the enchantment easily. Either you need to use a third-party license or convert one edition world to bedrock edition that has the curse.

Here are some ways to find out the vanishing enchantment easily.

  1. Use the Enchantment command

If you are in Minecraft JAVA edition (PC/MAC), then using the Minecraft enchantment commands will assist you to get the book of curse easily and without any problem.

Here is a command for vanishing enchantment that will help you:

/enchant @p (player name) vanishing_curse 11

Note: there is one thing that should be noticed that the 11 numbers here represent the number of books.

  1. Trade Bookcases and Lectern with a village librarian for the cursed Book

After the enchantment command, the best way to explore the book is through trading. If you possess some of the bookcases or lectern then you should go to a village and trade it with a librarian who is willing to trade it for vanishing a cursed spellbook.

So this is too easy for you to find out and it is also very affordable because all you have to do is to need a lectern or some other bookcases.

  1. Try Fishing in the river or Find loots in underwater Ruins.

The chance of finding a Minecraft vanishing book while fishing is a rare chance. It is all about 2% of the total. It ruins and can give you a chance of finding the enchantment book.

As we have described earlier, the treasure enchantment will be found naturally and it is just a matter of time and luck for you.

Loot for the Temples (desert temples, underwater ruins) and dungeons for the enchantment books.

After you get the vanishing enchantment book in the Minecraft, now you can use items on it intentionally for pranks or for real death. It was just a fun talk. Don’t be so serious.

How to use Minecraft Curse of vanishing enchantment on any item

You can use the Minecraft cursed spell on any of the items that include fishing rods, armors, stone pickaxe, diamond shovel, and so on.

In fact, this is an amazing fact that the items that are enchanted to the cursed spell are endless and unlimited to be used.

But here is a more important question that is:

How to use the enchantment for Minecraft Curses?

You are required to 3 things to use the curse in then Minecraft.

  1. An Anvil
  2. A vanishing curse enchantment book
  3. The item that is to be cursed

So here are some steps that are to be used in the Minecraft vanishing enchantment:

  1. Get a vanishing book and place it in the inventory.
  2. Place an anvil nearby and inside the anvil, then place the item that you want to curse and the vanishing enchantment book
  3. Place the cursed item in your inventory noticing that the item is now fully cursed.

How to Remove the Curse of vanishing spell from any item

The effects of the spell can be explained in different ways. One way is to replace the cursed item in the shulker box and the other way is to set the Keep inventory game rule to true. There are some other items also and they can be cursed by combining the cursed items together from the crafting interface or using the grindstone.

You can think of that the spell is undone till now.

But you are lucky because:

There are some ways that are working 100% to get rid of such a wicked spell.

You can also call this process as White magic. Yeah, whatever!

Here are some useful and trending ways to get rid of the enchantment from any of these items.

  1. Combine the cursed item with the same item but un-enchanted

The curse can be undone with this simple and easy crafting trick.

All you need is that you must have a cursed item and that similar item that is not cursed.

You are required to open up the crafting table and place the cursed items and the identical other un-cursed items. You will soon notice that the curse will vanish itself repairing the damage by itself. Isn’t it amazing?

A cool way isn’t it?

When you combine the two items with each other then the spell is removed as well as it repairs the damage of the items like the armor, Diamond sword, and many others.

  1. Enable the Keep Inventory to remove the Curse

When you enable the keep inventory, the curse is for good, making it a wicked enchantment that is totally useless.

We have no idea that what is bedrock edition but is fully compatible and fine with the PS4.

You should give it a try in a JAVA or bedrock edition and you should also be keen towards it as this step work for you guys or not.

In the Keep inventory, you will see an option that is known as a game rule. Now set it true and the curse will of vanish in Minecraft be any good any more.

If you don’t have the keep inventory, then you should not worry about it all. You should use other methods to remove it easily from the MC cursed enchantment.

  1. Use a grindstone to disable the Minecraft vanishing the curse.

Grindstones are used on tools and weapons to remove the enchantment but to remain the curses behind. If you use grindstone on any of the Minecraft tools then it appears that all the enchantments that are applied to that tool would vanish alongside the curse in Minecraft.

On other hand, some Minecraft users also found this step un-effective.

But there is nothing to be worried about as you can use a grindstone on a fishing rod as well for the purpose to remove the vanishing curse but not other enchantment as well. Now, we are going to discuss how to do it?

How to remove the vanishing enchantment curse on the fishing rods in the Minecraft?

The best ever method is to use a grindstone to remove the enchantment on the fishing rods.

Many of the Minecraft users have experienced it on the fishing rods. Many of the users have no idea how to remove the curse from the item.

So, here is a useful way to remove it easily.

You can use the grindstone and place the cursed fishing rod at the bottom slot and the un-cursed fishing rod at the upper slot. If the curse is on the bottom fishing rod then you will vanish it and you will get rid of the vanishing enchantment on the fishing rod.


The curse on the second item like the item in the lower slot item will disappear while repairing in a grindstone.

This step is too effective and is also recommended that you should try this step if you are facing the issue of vanishing curse in the Minecraft on the fishing rods specifically.

Things to know about the Vanishing spell in the Minecraft

There is a large criterion of all the items before you go to use vanishing spell on the items that you want.

You should apply the vanishing enchantments to some specific things and that are listed below that on which items you should apply the vanishing enchantments.

  1. The enchantment should not die itself when you die in the game while holding any item. It stays in the ground and must not be vanished or disappears.
  2. For the vanishing book, it should work properly if and only if your XP level is 4.
  3. The enchantment can be used for mechanical trolling.
  4. The only best way to get the enchantment book is through trading with a village librarian and the best way to get rid of the curse is possible if and only if you combine the cursed items with an un-enchanted item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a Treasure enchantment in Minecraft?

Answer: Treasure enchantments are spells that are most likely to be found naturally in the game.

Question: What does the vanishing enchantment do to an armor?

Answer: Once the vanishing enchantment is applied to the armor, the armor will completely disappear when you die.

Question: Can the vanishing cursed spell be removed?

Answer: Yes, the curse can be removed by combining the cursed item with another item that is un-cursed. The curse can also be uplifted by using a grindstone.

Final Thoughts

The curse of vanishing and the curse of binding are the two enchantments like each other in the Minecraft world. But the problem here is that both of these enchantments are wicked and cannot be used 100% for the exact purpose that you want.

Here is a fact that the vanishing curse is used especially for not allowing your opponents to take away your expensive items and then use it against you. It helps in such a way that even if you die then the other players won’t be able to pick any of your items in the game. So the opponents would not be able to gather all your cursed items.

We have given our best to provide you each and every important information so that you would be able to get an idea about all these and better utilize it in your game. We hope that all your queries are done enough and you would not require any additional information as you are given the information about the whole scenario.

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