Broward SSO Launchpad Login Complete Guide (Updated 2020)
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Broward SSO Launchpad Login Complete Guide (Updated 2020)

Broward SSO Launchpad Login Complete Guide 2020

Broward SSO Launchpad is serving the public school in district Broward County, Florida. These are the sixth-largest school network in all countries. In 2016-2017, they served 271,517 students in 327 faculties. It’s headquartered is in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Broward SSO login

To login to the Broward website just follow the simple steps.

  1. Go to the official website of Broward SSO.
  2. Click on the sign-in button on the homepage and it will take you to the login page of browser SSO.
  3. Now enter your username and password and then click “sign-in”.


If you are a student, your login is your student number (06*******). If you have forgot and then contact your teacher.


For a staff member, your team ID is your login number and if you have forgotten it then contact your technician.

Parents Accessing Pinnacle

If your child is studying in 6 to 12 grade, then use your child active directory ID and password to login. If your child is studying in 3 to 5 grade, use the BCPS mobile app to check your child’s standard in each category.

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Information and Technology/ Single Sign-on


BCPS good design a new launch pad for the teachers and students with more security and reliability having more brighter and attractive icons for both businesses and other instructional tools and making it user friendly.

Students/ Single Sign-on SSO Launchpad: E-Textbooks


The Launchpad offers single sign on accessibility to BCPS work-related resources according to their function. You need a plugin to get into your instructional as well as electronic materials in the launchpad. Guidelines could also be found in

Broward County public school single  sign on


By clicking on the above link, Broward county public schools single-sign-on option will let parents, students and teachers and staff to use the software. None of your settings will change as you login to the launch pad.

Broward SSO/ logging into Broward SSO


While start using the BrowardSSO, you need one-time registration. It provides you an easy setting and handling of password and self-adjustment of resetting your password.


Students/ SSO single sign on-Broward county public schools


when you start using it for the first time you need only one time registration and it also provides you and easy setting and handling of password and self-adjustment of resetting your password.

Students Resources/ Broward Single Sign-on


Broward SSO now include destiny, discovery education, atomic learning, and office 365. Students can access the site across all over the internet with ease.

Single sign-on and launchpad user guide-Railinc


The single sign on the platform provides the repetitive procedure for customer data, authentication and authorization solutions for some railing website software.

JavaScript required-Broward county public schools


You have to sign out from the websites that you have signed in.

Login clever Broward SSO Launchpad Login

define and processes the same to sign in with the formal launchpad for students use this

Login with clever- Broward SSO Launchpad Login

Website: browardsso-launchpad-login-8404848

Broward SS all login is going to be same as you find in the former launchpad


Single Sign-on- Forth Lauderdale high school


Authentication a system of confirming an individual. Just click and drop security. When you are finished click on the save button. Now you can enjoy the Broward SSO launchpad.

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